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Latest Acquisitions

Uploaded March 1st, some 324 titles.

Entire Latest Acquisitions List

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Australian Local History, New South Wales 45
Australian Local History, Northern Territory 5
Australian Local History, Queensland 8
Australian Local History, South Australia 10
Australian Local History, Tasmania 11
Australian Local History, Victoria 65
Australian Local History, Western Australia 4
Australian Aboriginal History 11
Australian Biographies 22
Australian Bushrangers 2
Australian Church History 2
Australian Discovery & Exploration 23
Australian General History 38
Australian Military History 29
Australian School, College, University History 6
Antarctica & The Arctic 1
Automobile, Modern & Steam Engines 0
Aviation 3
Biographies & Autobiographies 62
Literary Biographies 6
General Military 7
Outdoors - Hunting, Guns, Hunting Dogs 0
Natural History 22
Maritime History 12

Mining History & Geology 12

Papua, New Guinea History 0
Railway History 1
South Pacific Region, New Zealand 4
Literature, Childrens books, Modern Firsts
Poetry 6
Sport, cross-country skiing 1
Fishing 11
Australian Football AFL 0
Art & Applied 18
Books on Books 10
Chess 0
Communications 0
Food & Wine 3
Freemasonary 0
Gardening 4
Horology 0
Medical History & Science 12
Miscellaneous 18
Mountaineering 1
Music 6
Theatre & Film 0
Books in a Foreign language 0


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